Early Years: Through High School Ted worked Friday evenings and Saturdays selling speaker and electronic components for Dominion Radio & Electronics, in Toronto in order to buy drums, recording equipment and of course electronic and speaker components at a discounted price to fuel his passion for all things audio related. Taking a year off between High School and College, Ted went to work as a P.A. and guitar technician for at Neveu Music where his work in professional audio began- ultimately leading to a parallel career path that continues to this day. After an Electronics Technology Program in college he found himself opening and managing an audio division for Arkon Electronics where he developed several high value consumer audio speaker designs. They were two and three-way time aligned designs under the Ark Audio name that garnered the attention of the local audiophile community. Anxious to get closer to higher end audio products Ted took a job with Toronto's most prestigious stereo shop but was fired a few weeks later because he just would not stay behind the counter paying his dues as a trainee. For the next few years he worked for mass merchant chains often rising to the position of manager and eventually landed in a specialty stereo store called Better Electronics.

The Wholesale Years: Constantly badgering sales representatives for point of purchase materials led one independent agent to hire him onto the wholesale side of the business probably for no other reason than to teach him that the rep on the road gig was no picnic. Ted strove to be the rep whose word was his bond, always brought new products samples to demonstrate and would spend time training staff, putting on consumer seminars and helping to design and build displays for his dealers. This fostered tremendous dealer loyalty that was reflected in sales. In fact he won several sales awards with Evolution Technology and Teac. In the three years representing these companies, Ted sold products from Audio Control, BBE, Carver, Dahlquist, Esoteric, Magnat, Micro-Acoustics, Micro Seiki, Monster Cable, Tascam and Teac. His accounts included mass merchants, audio specialty shops, car audio accounts and professional sound companies throughout south central Ontario. Ted pioneered the introduction of BBE products and the Audio Control SA3050 audio analyser to pro and car audio dealers in his territory. He believed in working smart- not hard- by being organized and optimizing time spent per dollar earned. This approach created some animosity with his partner in the sales agency who always seemed to be responding to an ever-present emergency. Though he could have acquired some of these lines when the divorce with his partner happened; Ted took the high road and went on to acquire new lines including Bedini, Esoteric Audio USA, Orion and Street Wires. Receiving some training from Greg Mackie, Bob Carver, Noel Lee and Mathew Polk gave Ted a rather unique perspective into music reproduction that has helped to fuel his passion for music systems ever since.

Concealed Subwoofer and Amplifier Rack

Concealed Subwoofer and Amplifier Rack
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The Management Years: Taking a position with one of his former accounts, a two-store specialty audio, video and car audio shop that had sales of five million dollars per year. Ted handled purchasing, advertising, warehousing, staffing, woofer design as well as high end home and car audio system design and sales. He produced hundreds of display ads in the major Toronto papers as well as radio copy and television spots. As a purchasing agent, Ted was tough because he had an intimate knowledge of wholesale and knew what was possible. A couple of his high end car audio system designs were featured in Cars and Car Stereo Review magazines. After a few years Ted moved on to Christie Electronics- a Toronto based insurance replacement company that offered home and car audio consumer electronics products. Ted was hired to market the company's services to the insurance industry in the Toronto area. He created printed marketing and training materials and developed training programs for property and auto adjusters. The program helped them to identify fraudulent claims as well as increasing their understanding of smoke and water damaged electronics and the opportunity to 'restore rather than replace' thereby saving on claims costs. Having seen 'more boardrooms than bedrooms,' Ted created a drive-through appraisal service for car stereo auto claims and got the company involved in multi-room products as part of the complete renovation of their Hamilton outlet. Ted then spent a number of years managing professional sound production companies. Ted got back in touch with the consumer electronics industry recently when he accepted a contract position with a Canadian cable manufacturer that produced cables for studio, pro audio, video and lighting companies throughout North America and wished to enter the consumer market. As Director of Sales, Marketing & Product Development he designed not only the products but the packaging and the story behind each of the units in addition to increasing the sales representative force dramatically and training the sales personnel. He also rebuilt the relationship with Canada's largest chain of music stores and created a custom tailored sales program that included point of purchase displays that would serve to entrench the company well into the future.