Custom Home Theatre

Draper acoustically transparent screen

KEF Reference In-wall Speaker (grill removed)

Our design philosophy is a simple one: optimize the performance of every system we create!

No matter what the budget, we select components with the client's input that will maintain similar performance capabilities throughout the entire system. Just as a high performance automobile's handling is dependent on its tires, a high performance audio video system is dependent on its cabling system, component positioning and room environment. Putting wooden wheels on a race car is just a bad idea yet electronics consumers in conjunction with inexperienced or uninformed sales people and installers make bad decisions every day.

In an article Ted wrote for Professional Sound magazine he stated that “all the best systems are 33% design, 33% equipment and 33% installation.” We know that only adds up to 99% but Ted does not believe that 100% is ever attainable for a whole bunch of technical reasons that few could understand. System setup and tuning is the critical factor that is missing in almost all systems out there due to the D.I.Y. mentality that is being endorsed by many of the consumer electronics manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Whether you have an existing system, want to retrofit a system, are renovating or building we can help you squeeze every bit of performance out of your home theatre system. Why pay $20,000.00 for a system that only performs like one of our $10,000.00 systems?