Multi-Room Audio

Background music throughout your home controlled by remote and/or switch plate keypad in every room of the house.

In-ceiling Speakers

Decora keypad with remote sensor

Powder room with background music

No visible audio components, speakers, wires or other dust collectors with true high fidelity sound. No “blaster” or table radio can compare to our most basic system yet the cost per room can be surprisingly affordable. For larger homes, multiple zones are created that allow multiple users to be listening to different sources simultaneously. This means that Dad can be catching the news in the kitchen while Mom has relaxing spa music in the master bath and the kids will not be arguing about what to play.

Do not forget that the ability to put systems safely into wet areas including your outdoor spaces now exists. We believe in the KISS approach to system design. Keep It Simple Stupid means that we do not endorse the use of all-in-one systems that try to pack home theatre and video into the multi-room audio system. One component failure will take down the whole system and everyone will be unhappy. Ted's years spent in the Professional Sound industry make him a believer in redundancy and that is an industry where electronics are not built to fail. Unfortunately almost every consumer electronics component has a life span and component failure is now expected. It was not always that way but it is a fact of life in the disposable world we live in. Our systems are designed with products that have proven reliability and in the event of a source failure there will be others to choose from until service can be arranged.